A Lifetime of Misery in Brazil’s Chicken Industry

Mercy For Animals investigators captured horrific animal suffering inside multiple chicken factory farms in Brazil, including day-old chicks violently slammed against equipment and birds unable to walk languishing in heartbreaking conditions.

End This Suffering

Leave chickens and other animals off your plate

Hell On

Workers kill baby chicks by violently smashing their necks into equipment.

Factory farmers call these chicks “scrap.” They’re days-old chicks who are sick or injured or who don’t grow quickly enough to be considered profitable by the industry.

Injured chicks are left on the floor, unable to walk. They often can’t reach food and water, and many die from dehydration.

Bred to

Chickens in this industry are bred to grow more than six times their natural weight.

Unable to support this unnatural weight, a chicken's young legs break easily. Many birds die from heart attacks or organ failure because their organs cannot keep up with their oversized bodies.


Footage from inside these houses of horror reveals miserable conditions and lack of proper veterinary care, which cause many chicks to languish in pain from injuries.

From the moment they hatch until the day they are violently killed, chickens raised for meat endure severe pain and misery. Chickens are forced to live nearly their whole lives crammed by the tens of thousands in filthy sheds. They will never set foot on grass or breathe fresh air.

This is the sad reality for about 6 billion birds who are raised and killed for meat every year in Brazil.

Chickens DeserveBetter

Chickens Deserve

Chickens are curious and friendly. Some purr like kittens and others love the comfort of a hug.

Chickens areSmart

Chickens are

Research suggests that chickens are as clever as toddlers. Hens have exhibited mathematical reasoning, self-control, and even skills in structural engineering.

Chickens areSweet

Chickens are

Mother hens care deeply for their chicks. They build protective nests and cluck to their chicks even before they hatch.

Chickens DreamLike Us

Chickens Dream
Like Us

Chickens experience REM sleep, meaning they have vivid dreams just like we do!